Daily Archives: April 5, 2011


Are you one of the many who are faced with the fear that moving your parents to a care community will disrupt their lives and make them unhappy?  Do you worry that you are altering their lives in a way that reduce the quality of life?  I helped a woman who is a life coach with finding a care community and moving her parents from New York to Arizona.  As always, there was a great deal of concern whether she was doing the right thing and whether her parents would adapt and embrace the change.  Recently, she has been writing a series of articles about this process and the most current shares the big move.  If you are struggling with the decision to provide more care for your loved one and that means moving them, please read this positive true story and know that it can be the best thing in the world for your loved one.    ~ Becky


Orangutan and the Hound

This post does not pertain to assisted living…however, it is a beautiful testament to love and coexistence.  I just had to share!    ~ Becky

We humans often cannot get along with other humans because the tone of their skin differs from ours.  How much can we learn from these two species, whose love for each other spans across species lines?

Orangutan and the Hound.