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Vitamin D supplements significantly reduce risk of falls in elderly

Vitamin D supplements significantly reduce risk of falls in elderly.

Falls are one of the leading reasons I see the elderly move into assisted living.  I see it too often where a family’s loved one has been living on their own and independently, has a fall and ends up in the hospital and rehab.  Then they are told they cannot go back home but need to move to assisted living.  This is a very traumatic experience.  If a daily supplement of Vitamin D can help prevent this, why not?    ~ Becky

Patients Respond To Aquariums

I have a 100 gallon saltwater aquarium that I have professionally cleaned once a month.  Last week while the guys were here, I had an interesting discussion with them regarding aquariums in assisted living communities.  I have noticed that the many of the nicer communities all have salt water aquariums and my guys maintain many of them.  They told me that they have done some research on the subject and learned that it is believed that aquariums are a benefit to those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias.  Based on this discussion, I did some research of my own and found this interesting article…  ~ Becky

Patients Respond To Aquariums
by Nancy E. Edwards and Alan M. Beck